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    • " I tried the lavender and eucalyptus and was very happy! Nice lather and my skin feels so soft & smooth! " Sophia

    • " I purchased my first sample today, and I rushed home to take a soothing shower. Delightfully, I love, adore, and appreciate this soap! " Linda

    • " My husband and I both loved the Lemongrass Basil Soap. It smelled so good. And made my skin feel clean and fresh. Definitely something I would like to use again. " Erin

    • " I love, love this soap. I have very dry skin and issues with excema. This soap is mild on the skin and very mosturizing. I think this will be soap of choice for the winter months when I have the worst time with my skin. " Angela

    • " I recently tried Farmers Market Lemongrass Basil soap and have to say, I love it. I love that its a nice large size bar, so will last for a long time. Also love that it contains great ingredients such as avocado and blueberries. It smells really good, and i was pleasantly surprised how much i liked the lemongrass basil scent as ive tried similarily scented soaps that were no where near as nice smelling. Love this soap and so does my hubby and we will be buying more after using this bar. So glad i had the chance to try it out!!! " dhjax

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Farmers' Market Bar Soaps

Our Farmers’ Market Soap is a mix of "Fresh from the Farm" natural and certified organic ingredients to create rich, satisfying soaps that pamper skin and feed the senses.  Farmers' Market's unique blend of organic shea, blueberry and avocado butters nourish skin by providing essential vitamins and antioxidants full of vital nutrients, while supplying naturally rich moisturizers.

Choose from Unscented with no added fragrance for our sensitive skin friends; Lavender Eucalyptus and Lemongrass Basil made with certified organic essential oils; or Apple Orchard, Blackberry Preserves, and Pumpkin Spice, with natural essential oils.

Enjoy fresh ingredients:
- Certified Organic Oils
- Certified Organic Avocado, Blueberry Butter, and Shea Butter
- Certified Organic and Natural Fragrances

Size: 5.5 oz. Bar

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